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Who We Are

  • The Rocky Mountain Eagle Research Foundation is a non-profit organization, registered in the Province of Alberta, with Canadian charitable status. The Foundation is dedicated to the study of migrant and resident eagles and other birds of prey in the mountains of Western Canada.
  • In addition to its scientific work, the Foundation is committed to educating people about birds of prey. This will help protect birds and their prey foods and habitats for the future.


Our Mission

  • Our mission is to increase knowledge of Golden Eagle, Bald Eagle and other raptor migrations in Western Canada.


Our Aims

For Migration

  • Record, each year, the daily passage of Golden Eagles, Bald Eagles and other raptors during their spring and fall migrations along the Rocky Mountains of Canada.
  • Build up the principal and assistant observer resources at our observation sites.
  • Develop new migration observation sites and encourage new observation groups.
  • Learn from data collected by organizations applying telemetry tracking devices and develop good communication with those organizations and aid in any way we can.
  • Determine factors affecting initiation of both spring and fall migrations of Golden Eagles.
  • Promote greater contact with groups in Golden Eagle wintering and breeding areas.
  • Understand better the factors causing annual variance in migration.
  • Investigate the effects of short and long-term weather patterns on raptor movement and switches to alternate migration routes.

Related to Golden Eagle Population and Conservation

  • By careful observation, accurately break down total numbers of observed migratory Golden Eagles into juvenile, sub-adult and adult categories so overall population decline trends are clearly pointed out for conservation attention.
  • Investigate relationships between the migratory and sedentary populations of Golden Eagles.
  • Follow and support relevant academic research, including DNA studies of samples from both migratory and sedentary Golden Eagles to determine if gene differences exist between the two populations.
  • Study Golden Eagles nesting along the front ranges of the Canadian Rocky Mountains to determine such factors as breeding success, home range size, nest location and food utilization.
  • Learn more about yearly moulting and production of new feathers to help in accurate aging of migrating Golden Eagles.

For Education

  • Educate the North American public about raptor migration, especially that of Golden Eagles.
  • Spread knowledge of the value of protecting and conserving birds of prey on their wintering and breeding grounds as well as along their migration routes.
  • Involve young people in the activities of the Foundation through the development of programs in association with schools and youth organizations.
  • Involve members and the general public in monitoring raptor movement.
  • Participate in and promote events, such as the annual Canmore Eagle Festival, throughout the Rocky Mountain area.
  • Explore the feasibility of developing a suitable program to involve other organizations that support scientific field research and education by offering volunteers the opportunity to join research teams around the world to collect field data in the areas such as ecology and wildlife conservation.

For Storing and Publishing Data

  • Store all pertinent field observations in comprehensive computer data banks for future reference and wide use in scientific studies.
  • Maintain this website up to date as a source of information and data summaries for the general public and members.
  • Publish our work in appropriate scientific and popular journals.
  • Maintain a web log (“BLOG”) on our website so that daily count data may be seen and commented upon by members and the general public. Archive daily, and spring and fall count reports on the website.