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Spring Count 2022


The Spring 2022 Migration Count has commenced and runs from Mar 1st to Apr 22nd with observers at the Mount Lorette site daily — including viewing equipment available to the public. If interested in visiting the site, we suggest that you visit after 3pm. We see the majority of the migrating eagles in the later afternoon. This is the 30th consecutive year of vigilant recording. Mount Lorette site, Observation map.

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Total Migratory Raptors: 302


Season:Spring 2022

Observers:Bill Wilson


Eastern ridges mostly 80 to 100 percent obscured all day, western ridges mostly 90 to 100 percent obscured, wind north 0 to 10 km/h in the morning, gusting to north 30 km/h later in the afternoon. Scattered snowflakes fell all day. I left the site at 4:35 pm after both sides of the valley had been completely obscured for a couple of hours and snow (not just scattered snowflakes) was starting to move in from the north.


Season:Spring 2022

Observers:Caroline Lambert


There was no observation today. Winds were from the northeast, clouds obscured the ridges all day, and light snow started in the morning and became progressively heavier.


Season:Spring 2022

Observers:Bill Wilson, Heinz Unger, Caroline Lambert


100% altostratus in the morning with variable mist and fog variably obscuring or not obscuring the eastern ranges, and the western ranges usually mostly to entirely obscured. The altostratus thinned in the afternoon, allowing nice sun and warmth through if we were out of the wind (5 - 20 km/h, occasionally 30, from the north), but the wind was relentless and chilly (brrrr). Eastern ranges nicely visible in the afternoon, western ranges slightly misty. At the end of the day, the sun disappeared behind cloud before sinking behind Mt. Bogart, and the already non-existent migration disappeared entirely.


Season:Spring 2022

Observers:Dan Parliament, Glenn Webber


Initially heavy fog, clearing gradually to 50 % cloud cover and then deteriorating at the end of the day to 100 % overcast, with both ridges obscured and slight drizzle and snow. Periodic brief squalls moved through the valley during the day. Winds were light 5-10 km per hr. with brief gusts to 15 km per hr. Despite a vigilant and unremitting effort throughout the day, on the part of the observers, no eagles or raptors were detected.