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The main observation site is the Hay Meadow, Mt. Lorette Site. The site is located in Kananaskis on the bank of the Kananaskis River. It has a view of the open valley. which allows excellent (though rather distant) viewing of the Fisher Range to the east. The bulk of the Golden Eagles and other raptors use this ridge as part of their preferred migration route.

Mt. Lorette Observations

See the seasonal count reports and daily summaries for historical observation counts. The following observations started in Fall 2021.


Observers: Blake Weis, Ruth Morrow

Start Time:

07:05 AM

End Time:

05:30 PM


Max 12 C, Min 4 C

Description of the Day:

The first tfew hours had beautiful weather with light wind, 30-40% cloud cover and a nice variety of singing birds. Unfortunately, conditions deteriorated quickly from there. The wind really started to pick up by 10 and by noon low cloud had gathered around the western mountains and started spitting rain into the valley. For the rest of the day it rained on and off and the western ridges were variably obscured. The eastern ridges remained mostly unobscured which gave us some false hope. Afternoon gusts reached 50 km/h at ground level and probably exceeded 100 km/h at ridge level. We concluded the count at 5:30 pm as heavier rain closed in.

The days migration consisted of two golden eagles, an unaged bird at 9:43 and an adult at 10:26, an undifferentiated immature bald eagle at 1:22 pm and u Sharp-shinned Hawk at 2:12 pm.

Migrant Golden Eagle Count:

2 (1 adult, 1 unaged)

Migrant Other Raptor Count By Species:

1 Bald Eagle (undifferentiated immature), 1 Sharp-shinned Hawk (u)

Period with Most Migrants:

No hour had more than one migrant

Total Migratory Raptors:


Non-Migrant Raptors:

2 Golden Eagles (1 adult, 1 unaged), 1 Bald Eagle (adult), 1 Red-tailed Hawk (adult), 1 Northern Goshawk (adult)

Other Birds of Note:

List on eBird:

Other Observations:


Number of Visitors: